I spent half of my life in Turin and the remaining in Genoa.
After took a Master of Arts with a dissertation on Vittorio G. Rossi, I taught for ten years in high schools preparing especially the "leavers"; meanwhile I wrote in specialized magazines such as Resine, Cronorama and Ottonovecento things so serious and wise about the history of Italian literature, my great passion. At the time, more than a writer, I was primarily known as a poet.

Then, in 1991, I published "Lo stupidario della maturità", a book that had every intention of being a ferocious and satirical indictment against the Italian school, but became an instant humorous best seller, giving rise to an endless slew of knockoffs.
Since then I became a so-called "brilliant" author; is no coincidence that I've been the only female writer to have been awarded twice at the International Festival of Humour of Bordighera.

After saying goodbye forever to teaching, leaving as my spiritual legacy "Maturità, poesie in prosa", sacred textbook for students in which are contained all my lessons to school leavers, I started seriously my authorial career, churning out a book every year also working as a journalist (I contributed in various magazines and newspapers, such as Il Giornale, Repubblica, Libero, Cosmopolitan, Anna, etc.) on the subject that fascinates me the most: society, folklore, history of the language and customs.

Just for a taste...

Miti Vigliero